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Not gonna use this

2011-12-16 17:45:36 by SmashFire67

Sorry guys i suck at flash and i'm not gonna post anything for now.
If you still wanna talk to me:
dA Account: CaramelKirby45
YouTube: KBCGalactic


2010-09-05 16:10:10 by SmashFire67
Updated 7v0Q Check it out it's finnaly done guys,also comment rate and SUBCRIBE.Just wanted to let you know.


Well it's been a while since i'm trying to make my ruby short,but i'm on scene 2 and i can't finished.So i think it's gonna take some days to finish it.Well anywayz,so i decided to show you Wave's brother Aizo (picture below)He is electric and his powers can be of good useing.Well guess that's for now.

Aizo the electric character + the news

Bitman the hell......

2010-09-02 02:46:55 by SmashFire67

That bitman when i choce to trace it to 0/1 pixels normal,i made kirby running the frame is flickering .How am i supposed to fix this?If you guys know add comments. :/ plz.

I just decided to add Wave.I think She is nice.And i drew candy she loves sweet things and she can use nice powers too.Anywayz Wave is Powerful too i'll post a bio of her in the next news post plz i hope you like her.

Pasting on of my new characters Wave

More and more recoloring

2010-08-31 10:55:56 by SmashFire67

Ok,since i had lot of characters to recolor,it will take me some days.I'm working on Ruby she is 30% done now.Don't worry she will be done.Oh and a have ne character Candy very cute see imaege below that's all for now,damn this will be little hard oh well i'll do my best to make the other episodes of HOTPB.

More and more recoloring

Back from the Sea

2010-08-28 11:22:19 by SmashFire67

I'm finnaly back from the sea.It was nice for 10 days.Okay enough about me i finnaly got how to make episode 2 of HOTPB,so i'm gonna start working on it today plz hope when i release it you will like it.

Tommorrow i wont be here

2010-08-20 05:10:14 by SmashFire67

Yay finnaly at the end of this month i'll be at the Sea for 10 days.So i won't be in newgrounds for a while.When i come back i will let ya guys know,so see ya now bye :).

Well i'm gonna start some how tomorrow.It's too hot today oh and plz don't ask when will be done.It's gonna take a while,but you guys can visit my channel in < ---- just write smashfire67 youtube and you'll find me just wanted you to know guys.

HOTPB Episode 1 is done

2010-08-13 08:48:38 by SmashFire67
Updated EwPc&feature=channel Here it is guys the first episode hope you like it.And i'll work on Episode 2 so,stay tuned. :) Hope DS and LoneAlchemist like it too :).

HOTPB Episode 1 is done