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I'm gonna start to work on my new series HOTPB.And i hope you guys will like it.See the Wallpaper i made for ya Below.It's for DestructionSeries and for LoneAlchemist.That's all for now just wanted to tell you guys.

Starting next time on a series Heroes Of The Power Ball

Two Characters From Ruby The Killer

2010-08-09 05:39:19 by SmashFire67

Yesz i finnaly drawed'em.Well yeah i decided to show you who is Ruby and Who is Jeff.They are from Ruby the Killer and Another Serie i'm making Heroes Of Power Ball.There Jeff Ruby and Leon are Kirbys.Oh well now i'm on uncles laptop cuz i don't have internet home for now.BTW Leon,i'll show you him too,but on my next post hope you like it.

Two Characters From Ruby The Killer

Yes i'll watch tutorials for flash 8 and make my sprites.I don't know how much will take,but i'll do my best,so stay tuned.

No comments?Well......

2010-08-02 03:58:56 by SmashFire67

I know you guys don't want to help me.Cuz well Krinkels and everyone else is a awesome animator,but i'm not.What can you do about it.Anyways i was keeping trying to add my movies,but didn't work.I guess i need to try to make with flash.If guys know some tutorials just tell me.

Some Bad news guys

2010-07-31 09:49:52 by SmashFire67

I don't know how to say it guys,but theres a problem here.I can't upload RTK Episode 1 part 1 cuz needs to be a SWF File not wmv how am i suposed to make it SWF file with movie maker plz help.Leave comment.

Hey To everyone

2010-07-31 06:19:39 by SmashFire67

Yep i finnaly registered in Newgrounds guys.And I'm making a series,but with Movie maker and Paint.I don't know will you guys like it,but i'll try someday to add it here.Oh and the serie it's called Ruby The Killer I'll see when will i release it.Plz comment now :) :) :).

Hey To everyone