More and more recoloring

2010-08-31 10:55:56 by SmashFire67

Ok,since i had lot of characters to recolor,it will take me some days.I'm working on Ruby she is 30% done now.Don't worry she will be done.Oh and a have ne character Candy very cute see imaege below that's all for now,damn this will be little hard oh well i'll do my best to make the other episodes of HOTPB.

More and more recoloring


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2010-08-31 11:55:21

Recoloring? Hard? How the fuck is clicking over an area with the paint bucket too hard? Are you missing fingers? Do you have underdeveloped motor skills?

(Updated ) SmashFire67 responds:

Well i have other characters to recolor and i'm lazy sometimes that's why it takes a bit hard...


2010-08-31 11:55:37

Also that image isn't cute at all.

(Updated ) SmashFire67 responds:

But why that's how i drew well yea i knew that no one will like her <:( 9vpDK-3AU


2011-06-16 00:25:03

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